Share your folders and files among your devices or with your collaborators and friends through Resilio Sync

Friday, March 13, 2020

Resilio Sync is a folder syncing tool that can allow you to share your folders and files among different PCs and devices over the internet. It uses edge-to-edge technology for a fast and secure file synchronization. Unlike hosting services such as Dropbox, file sharing does not require an intermediary host, therefore synchronization is faster and storage limits depend only on the storage capacity of your devices.

How to install and configure Resilio Sync on Ubuntu

In your PC in Ubuntu open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-key add key.asc
sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository "deb resilio-sync non-free"
sudo apt install resilio-sync
sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync
sudo systemctl start resilio-sync

Check if it is active with the command:

systemctl status resilio-sync

and press q.

By default, rslsync operates through an ad-hoc user called rslsync. In order to avoid problems with read/write permissions on synchronized files, it is more convenient to run the service through your own user, the  one that you can see by typing the command


In order to start automatically the service through your user, type:

sudo systemctl edit resilio-sync.service

You should have the following section in the file that you have just opened (if you do not have it, copy/past it):

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rslsync --config /home/golosio/.config/resilio-sync/config.json

Here you must replace golosio with your username (you should make four substitutions). Save it (leave the proposed filename unchanged). Then run:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart resilio-sync.service

and check if it worked by typing:

ps aux | grep rslsync

You should see something like:

golosio   1121  1.5  0.7 1526160 115868 ?      Ssl  ago19  32:12 /usr/bin/rslsync --config /home/golosio/.config/resilio-sync/config.json

with your username in place of golosio.

Open an internet browser, and in the address bar write:

Depending on the browser you might have to press "Advanced..." and accept the security risk.  Enter your username and password. Now you have the possibility to create new synced folders. Choose "Standard folder". A secret key is associated to each folder. To use a synced folder from a different device, press the "+" at the top left, select "Enter a key or link" and enter the secret key associated to the folder.

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